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July 18th, 2008

08:37 pm - Works in progress
I'm making an awesome quilt at the moment.  It's so time consuming, but I'm enjoying the process so much.  I've never made one before - and I'm not sure if I'll make another one.  Maybe as a gift for someone.  It's going to be so amazing to look at it draped over the couch and remember how much time and effort I spent on it and think about how I created it!  I hope it looks as good as I think it will when it's done!

Oh, and my belly hurts. : (  I am craving some soft serve SO badly, but it's one of the no-nos of pregnancy.  Oooh, but I can hear it calling me....!  I might have to have a milo and see if that helps.

This baby has now officially stayed in my body for almost 5 weeks longer than Harry did!  If it stays in another week it's most likely that we can just stay in our local hospital until the baby is big enough to come home, instead of having to transfer to a special care nursery.  Hurrah!  I feel as though this one is going to last til term anyway, so none of that will be an issue.

OK, back to my quilt!

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July 2nd, 2008

10:50 pm - It's supposed to be Winter, apparently!

Harry and I spent the morning at Etty Bay.  About 26 degrees.  Splashing around at the water's edge.  Building little sandcastles and digging little holes.  Morning tea in the shade.  The company of fish and a cassowary and a great group of (big and little) friends.

My job as Mum is sometimes stressful and often a lot of hard work, but on days like today it just looks and feels like one big holiday.

On days like this, in particular, I can't imagine wanting to live anywhere else..

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June 26th, 2008

09:14 pm
Ooh yay!  My sister is being induced tomorrow morning, so unless that baby is seriously determined to never come out of that comfy womb, I should be an aunty by the end of the weekend!  Hurrah!  Although really, it's quite strange to say that as I guess I'm an aunty already.  It's funny the way we sort of only consider the baby "real" when it exits the mother.  At this stage of Harry's life he was already considered on the outside world to be 3 months old.  So I really am an aunt already, but I just haven't met my niece.  But soon.  Soon!

Right now I have been pregnant for longer than I ever have before.  My goodness, that really did go quickly!  This weekend I'll have gone 2 weeks longer than I did with Harry.  Another 8 weeks to go!  My word, it's going to take me longer than that to clean out the spare room and turn it into a nursery.  I should probably get cracking.

In other news - there is no other news.  It's all baby, baby, baby here at the moment.  My other "baby" has started walking, so I spend most of my days ignoring the housework and the paid work, just watching him toddle around in fascination.  I have never witnessed anything more fascinating than watching him grow and learn.  I literally watch him learn - as he focuses on something and studies it and thinks about it.  And then the look of joy as he works it out and then practices it again and again, so excited that he's learned something new.   Anything and everything from learning to walk to playing with water and working out how it "works", to pronouncing new sounds or playing with blocks.  This is the most fulfilled I have ever felt in my life, and although it might sound really boring to a lot of people, I've really found my niche.  I think I'm a great mum.  It's the most important job I've ever had, and I'm loving every second of it!
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June 21st, 2008

09:10 pm
Oh.  I always get a bit sad when I miss out on something pretty on eBay.  I bet I would have loved it more than that other bidder!

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April 7th, 2008

03:51 am
Holy crap, if my dog doesn't stop barking soon I am going to go INSANE.

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April 2nd, 2008

10:29 pm
Oh how relaxed I feel!  I finally officially deferred from Uni for 12 months today!  Now that I've actually bit the bullet and deferred I feel so motivated to get everything else in my life in order.  I've been doing jobs I've been procrastinating over for ages.  All my bills are paid and the fridge is clean and, and, and...  I wasn't doing a whole lot of study, but knowing that it needed doing every day was stopping me from doing other jobs that needed doing.  The whole "Oh, I can't do that!  I've got too much Uni work to do." and then faffing about and not getting much study done anyway.
It's so silly the way I get stuck in a rut and can't see the obvious/easy solution.  We have been going to a trivia night every Tuesday for years and would eat at the venue beforehand.  The food is TERRIBLE and the service is even worse and yet week after week we went and ate and complained and that was that.  A few weeks ago it occurred to us that we could just get yummy takeout and eat at home before we go.  Aha!  Now we turn up all full and content and cocky with our trivia answers.  Why did this not occur to us years ago?  Maybe the food there was effecting our brains.  Oh, it was terrible!  I don't want to even think about how much money we gave them for inedible food and bad service, week after week.

I'm 19 weeks pregnant and feeling so great!  Still constantly tired, but so full of confidence and pep!

Harry cut another molar yesterday, and tried all day today to push out another front tooth.  I know why it happens so early in our lives - so we can't remember the experience!  I wake up at night and can hear him moaning through the monitor once the Panadol wears off.  He's had a temp all day and is in so much pain.  He came into work with me today and he was so sad I had to rearrange the computer and recording equipment so I could record reclining back in the chair with him lying on me.  I wonder if anyone will feel subliminally creeped out with all of his deep breathing in the background of the ads I recorded today?

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March 11th, 2008

11:13 am
So sleeeeepy.  Harry is down for a nap now so I'm going to head off and have one too.

I was so tired this morning I could not physically stay awake, so I put him in his playpen and fell asleep next to it on the couch.  The handbag I packed to take to the wedding on the weekend was close enough to his pen for him to pull it in.  I had a lovely dream that we had this gorgeous woman visit us - her perfume was so lovely, it overwhelmed my dream.

I woke up to find the whole house smelling like this, and immediately (irrationally) thought that some woman had walked through our open back door and looked around a bit while I was sleeping.  Instead, I found a (now empty) vial of perfume in Harry's playpen.  He smells divine, and now so do I after carrying him into his room.

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January 29th, 2008

10:15 pm
Oh, I'm so sick of listening to myself complain about being sick.  I think it's just the consistency of it all.  They really should change the name of "morning" sickness.  I am generally sick from when I wake up to when I go to sleep.  I have no energy.  Everything I can think of eating makes me want to barf.  Except for MSG.  I am addicted.  I normally avoid the stuff religiously, but at the moment I am raiding Nathan's stash of food in the pantry.  BBQ chips for breakfast.  Oriental 2 minute noodles for afternoon tea.  It's disgusting but I'm craving it.  All the stuff I usually love is making me sick, and all the stuff that normally makes me sick is sustaining me.  If this baby comes out with 2 heads we'll all know why.

On the upside, I lost a kilo a week over the last 3 weeks!  On the downside, you're not really supposed to lose weight while pregnant.  Hmmm...

Bring on the second trimester!  Last time this nasty sickness lasted til 15 weeks and then I was ON TOP OF THE WORLD!  Felt fabulous!  Had so much energy!  My self esteem went through the roof.  5 weeks to go.  I can't wait.  BRING IT ON!

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December 21st, 2007

11:06 am
Over the last few years that we've had troubles conceiving, I've been looking at all the products in my life and the chemicals in them, and gradually changing things over to natural alternatives.  I finally found an awesome, natural shampoo and conditioner (after going through so many crap ones), and all our cleaning products are human friendly.  But try as I might I couldn't find a deodorant that was made from natural ingredients that actually worked.  I know a lot of people swear by those crystals, but they just made me smell like a big foot.  I think it even magnified my BO.

I went to a "Perfume Party" the other day, and knew before I got there that I wasn't going to buy anything, but was just there to make up numbers for a friend, and to eat cake.  The deodorant they were selling is at least 10 times more expensive than the one I use now, but she sucked me in once she said it was all-natural, so I bought some.

My WORD I smell so good!  I put it on before I went out last night and even though I'm now sweating like a hog all these hours later I smell FRESH AS A DAISY.  I keep sniffing my underarm and wanting to run out onto the street and force others to do the same.  It almost seems a shame to go for a shower!

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December 14th, 2007

10:40 am - Opinions please!
I need a new email addresses that has nothing to do with my ISP, that I can use to download emails to Outlook (so Hotmail is out).  Gmail has been recommended to me (by my ISP!  Their solution to their crappy email system which isn't delivering my emails!)

Does anyone have experience with Gmail?  Is it reliable and is it likely to fulfill my needs?  (My needs being that I need to be able to use it with Outlook, and I need to receive emails in a timely manner.  ie Not days after they're sent!)

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