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July 22nd, 2012

09:44 am
My LJ friends list is a little quiet - can you recommend anyone I can add?

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October 19th, 2009

11:43 pm - Using and abusing LJ
Hmmm...  I take and I take and I take, but I hardly ever get around to giving...  I haven't written a proper post in how long?... but I'm asking a favour of you, my LJ friends, once again!

Nathan and I are headed to Sydney overnight for a concert next month.  We'll arrive sometime around midday on Sunday, concert is on Sunday night at the Sydney Football Stadium, and our flight leaves mid-afternoon on Monday.  We're planning on booking accommodation somewhere near the train station, and aren't too worried about it, other than it be not too exy, since we're not going to be there for long.

I was planning on heading to Chinatown for dinner on the Sunday before the concert, since we didn't get to explore it last time we were in Sydney.  I love chinese food, but really, really don't like the small-town-Chinese we get up here (all the deep-fried stuff).  I'm also not very adventurous with seafood.  Any suggestions?

On Sunday I was thinking of just wandering through the city to Darling Harbour and chilling out with some brunch, before heading off.  Any suggestions for somewhere unmissable to eat, (or a different location)?


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September 21st, 2009

11:00 pm
Gosh, wasn't posting every day in June a huge success?  Once again I got caught up in life and haven't had time for much else, let alone writing each day about how life has taken over once again!  Having said that I've made some little changes.  Baby steps.

I'm getting my ears pierced tomorrow!  At various times I've had my ears, nose, tongue and labrette pierced, although my labrette piercing is the only one I still wear jewellery in.  My sister gave me some gorgeous earrings for my birthday, and when I went to put them in I found the holes closed over.  I'd never had a problem with needles until a couple of years ago - I'd waltz in and give blood / get vaccinated / get pierced, and hardly blink.  Now for some reason I'm terrified.  I work myself up so much.  Surely it can't be that bad?  I'll find out tomorrow afternoon.  I'm actually wondering if I'll have the balls to get both done, or if he'll do one and I won't be able to go through with the second.

I am so sick of looking for a new home.  I have looked at so many places.  The problem is that the more we've looked the more we've defined exactly what we want.  So even though houses that we were initially interested in have come down to the price we were willing to pay for them, we're not interested anymore.  Actually, the house we originally made an offer on (which was rejected by the owner as too low) is now on the market for $2,000 less than what we offered.  It wouldn't have been a tragedy if they'd accepted in the first place and we'd ended up with it, but I'm glad now that we didn't get it at the time.  I'm taking a break for a few weeks though.  I can't look any more!  The longer we leave it the less we'll have to borrow, and the more we'll have done to this place, so the sooner we can try to sell it.  But we really desperately need a change of lifestyle.  I'm hoping the perfect place is just waiting to jump out at us.  Soon.

The place we live in now is so nice this time of year though.  We spend all day out in the garden.  Even though we live in town, it's almost an acre block.  I don't know if I could go back to a quarter acre block after this.  It would take some getting used to.  My vege garden is going great guns too!  There's like 6 months worth of veges just about ready to be harvested.  Except for the poor zucchini.  They keep rotting on the plant.  I googled it and apparently I have to pollinate the female flowers by hand, since we mustn't have enough bees around to do it for me.  So in the morning I'll be out there helping them make sweet, sweet zucchini love.

Nathan and I both started yoga this month!  I forgot how good it is.  But since we both want to go and don't have anyone to babysit for us while it's on, we have to take turns.  So we're each going just once a fortnight.  Which is way better than not at all!  And it feels SO good.  Ahhhh.....

Harry was really sick with some mystery virus over the weekend, and Evie has been waking about once an hour for the last few nights, so I'm trying to function on a couple of hours of max every night.  (There she goes again)....  I had to give her some Panadol that time.  She screams like she's in intense pain, and who knows what it is.  Belly ache, virus, teeth, growing pains...?  I'm going to scoot into bed now and see how long she gives me this time.  I am a walking zombie.....  Oh no, there she goes again!...

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March 28th, 2009

06:35 pm - Accommodation advice?
So Nathan and I are going to spend a weekend in Brisbane sans kiddies soon and I need to book accommodation. 

I want something nice that doesn't look like every other hotel I've ever stayed at, but we're public transporting it around so it can't be tucked away anywhere remote.  I'm looking at a place in New Farm that looks like just what we're after, but now I'm wondering if I should just go boring and central and book into the Chifley.  Is the public transport in and out of New Farm good?

Also, any recommendations on places to eat and must-dos?  Any cool markets, or places to purchase clothes and things that I wouldn't be able access up here in the north?  We're eating at Garuva one night because I used to love it there.  Has anyone been there recently?  (Is it still good?) 

Any suggestions?

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February 25th, 2009

08:49 am
There is a toad somewhere in my house but I don't know where.  I am jumpy and on-edge.  I don't even want to put Evie down on the floor to play just in case I look around and it's sitting next to (or on!!) her.  I am both filled with horror by the thought of it jumping on me, but also full of respect that it made it this far!  (I live in a high-set house).  You'd think after living in North Queensland for most of my life I would be more at peace with the thought that there are cane toads around.

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August 12th, 2008

03:08 pm - PS
Ha ha!  I forgot to mention that that skirt I was making that I was so excited about a few entries ago LOOKS HIDEOUS!!

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03:00 pm
The baby is wriggling down into my pelvis!  I know it has to come out sooner or later, but have you seen the size of a newborn?  So tiny and cute, I know!  But I'm not sure I'm ready to push one out through my bajingo.  I'm 2 weeks away from my due date, so it's happening soon whether I like it or not.  Nappies and clothes are pre-washed and my bag is packed, complete with lollies, so I guess it can come!  Hopefully it will wait until at least after my shower this afternoon so I can wash my hair first.

My not-quite-2-year-old Harry has predicted the sex and picked a name for us.  We'll have to wait and see.

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August 10th, 2008

04:29 pm
I love going in to get Harry out of bed in the morning and for him to come out with a word that he's never said before.  Today's word was "Cuddle!"

I love starting a job that I've put in the "too hard" basket for ages, and getting into it and realising that it's not so bad after all, and feeling all accomplished and proud when it's done!

I love sewing, even if it's just taking up the hem on jeans.

I love my pretty little tomato bushes with their ripe, red tomatoes!

I work freelance and I love, love, love emailing off invoices.  I send them off into the world to collect some money and bring it back for me!  Fly, my pretties!  Fly!

I love my ridiculously perfect husband.  He does have flaws!  Things like forgetting the complicated rules I make up about what sponges are to be used for various kitchen jobs, and letting me sleep in longer than I probably should.  We are such a good team.

I love DIG radio.

I love stopping for a moment to make a quick list like this on days when inconsiderate people who should know better do things that should REALLY PISS ME OFF.  And then I feel better!


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July 31st, 2008

08:43 am
I've been having these fairytale, perfect days lately.  I don't know if the happy hormones are flooding my system and I'm due for a crash, or if everything is simply just aligning perfectly.  One thing I know has made a difference is that I've basically stopped worrying about the silly stuff.  (Why couldn't I have done this a long time ago?  Maybe it's the hormones!?)  My mother-in-law came and stayed this week and I would normally be all worried about whether the house was clean, and what the hell was I going to cook for them, and instead I just relaxed and enjoyed the visit and had such a great few days without the stress.

Yesterday Nathan got the day off and we all slept in a little and woke up to perfect NQ winter weather.  We had a leisurely breakfast, which I followed by a leisurely, long, hot shower.  I packed up a picnic and we went to the botanical gardens and fed the animals, and then ourselves.  Afterwards we had fish and chips for lunch.  When our visitors left we all had an afternoon nap.  I went to a Camera Club meeting late afternoon and came home to find an awesome, healthy dinner cooked.  And then (mega-nerd warning!) Nathan and I sat down and wrote our separate entries for a short story competition which is due on Friday.  (The prize is 50 BOOKS!!)  Everyone was well-behaved and relaxed and happy.  Ah!

Oh, I can hear Haz calling me to get him out of bed. Seriously, what sort of not-quite-2-year-old child sleeps til 9am and then wakes up singing?

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July 22nd, 2008

03:02 pm
Sewing class was so much fun last night!  My teacher was away so her daughter, a fashion designer, took the class instead.  I've been wanting to make this skirt I had locked in my head for so long now, so I described it to her and she sat down with me and drew up a pattern for me!  I was so excited!  It's turning out exactly as I imagined it and I was so motivated to be making it that I almost finished it last night.  It won't take long next lesson to learn the rest of the things I need to know to be able to finish it!  This is why I started lessons - to be able to make things for myself that I actually love and actually fit me.  Until now we've been making things in order to learn a particular skill, for example something with a zip, or something with a collar and buttons, but I haven't really loved anything I've made yet, even though I've enjoyed the process of making them all.  If this skirt looks good on me I'll pump out a few more.  It's a maternity skirt, but the waistband is adjustable so I can keep wearing it after I've had the baby.  Yay!

Gosh this house is such a mess!  I've been SO exhausted lately that I haven't been doing much housework and Nathan has been stuck with it all.  I'm actually feeling really good today so I should probably get something done... 

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